Cranberry is a dark red-colored berry derived from Cranberries (Oxycoccus), a group of small evergreen shrubs prevalent in America and Europe. Dried cranberries are made by dehydrating cranberries in food dehydrating machines. Dried cranberries taste delicious. They are mostly added with condiments and preservatives to enhance flavor and are widely consumed worldwide. The history of cranberries dates back to the time before the arrival of the white settlers in northeastern North America. Back then, Cranberries were used by the Red Indians (Native Americans) for their purposes. Since then, Cranberries have been spreading to all other countries for consumption, and the idea of dried cranberries was popularized in Europe. Dried cranberries were considered a healthy fruit and were prepared through various dehydrating methods to preserve nutrients.


Health Benefits

Dried cranberries are not only consumed for nutrition, but they are also chosen as a wholesome snack item that tastes good and also good for pockets. A pack of cranberry dry fruit price is somewhere around INR 400-500.


How many dried cranberries should I eat a day


Following are some of the health benefits of dried cranberries


Rich in Vitamin C – Cranberry is a great source of Vitamin C; it contains antioxidants and several other micronutrients that target detoxifying the body. Eating a few dried cranberries daily can boost immunity and help iron absorption into the blood cells for blood circulation.


Low in Calories – Generally, dried cranberries calories are supposed to be low; 100 grams of cranberries contain only 46 calories, so they make good nutritional food that helps in losing weight. However, dried cranberries are mostly enhanced with added sugar, preservatives, and condiments and may have ample calories.


Treat digestive problems – Cranberries are composed of carbs and soluble fiber that are good for digestion. They also contain good bacteria (proanthocyanidins) that can diminish bad microbes in your colon and improve your digestive system.


Maintain heart health – Dried cranberries contain magnesium which can increase cardiac muscle function. A diet comprising dried cranberries can have lots of benefits for your heart health. Some studies revealed that regular consumption of cranberries had been associated with increased HDL cholesterol. Cranberries also contain a high level of potassium which is essential to regulate blood vessel function.


Prevent Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) – While dried cranberries might not be an appropriate treatment, eating them regularly can reduce the risk of developing UTIs. According to some older studies, daily consumption of cranberry juice by patients diagnosed with UTI resulted in the reduction of the infection. Although the sweetened form of dried cranberries may not be as effective as raw cranberries, they can still be consumed for preventive measures.


Good for skin and hair – Dried cranberries are packed with tons of potent antioxidants and amino acids which can prevent the skin from pollutants and help to repair skin barriers. In addition, amino acids have wound healing properties which means that can strengthen the skin’s surface and repair damages caused by UV rays.


What is the right way to consume dried cranberries?

Dried cranberries are not high in protein. However, they contain some essential plant compounds meant for nutritional purposes. Dried cranberries can be consumed in many ways. They are best added to oatmeal or cereals and can also be eaten raw. But cranberries are naturally bitter, so people do not prefer to eat raw; they like using sweetened dried cranberries in various dishes. Though, some food experts suggest soaking dried cranberries every time before consumption. Doing this will make sure to bring moisture into dried cranberries and also make their texture slightly softer.


How much should I consume?

Although cranberry is a type of berry, it has a small visible seed enclosed in the fruit. The seed of dried cranberry is edible. However, it has a weird taste that is not that favorable. Normally, a handful of dried cranberries can be eaten every day, either in the morning or the evening. However, any amount of more than a quarter cup should not be eaten as eating too many dried cranberries may not have good effects on health.

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