Dried Strawberry


Dehydrated strawberries can be used as cereals and also make great snacks. These also keep their color intact no matter what. There are ways you can also make them at home. Consuming them in the season of strawberries will give you just the right nutrients, but now you can enjoy them all year round. We assure you that you will love its taste as they are very delicious and healthy as well. One more way to have them is with other dry fruits. This will boost up the taste and will serve a healthy snack at the same time.

Product Code :
Weight 250 g
Dimensions 23 × 16 × 4.5 cm


Key features of dehydrated strawberries:

  • They are packed with nutrients
  • Have more vitamin C in them
  • Natures healthy and tasty snack
  • Can consume them year-round
  • Rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals

These were all the more reasons to consume dehydrated strawberries and we are sure you can’t resist its good quality and factors. Get your hands on the best quality dehydrated strawberries and you will be a fan! We guarantee you.


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