Dried Kiwi


Our Dried Kiwi can be used as cereal and also makes a great snack to binge upon! Packed fresh, our Dried Kiwi brings in a whole lot of deliciousness along its way, powering your breakfast, lunch, dinner, or in-between cravings and loading your tummy with yummy treats. Savor our year-round deliciousness that brings in joy and flavour abundant – the only respite against your usual boring snack!

Product Code :
Weight 250 g
Dimensions 23 × 16 × 4.5 cm


Afrodille’s Dried Kiwi is made by procuring the finest raw ingredients chosen to serve you mouth-watering treats while loading your health with the goodness of essential nutrients and energy.

  • These will help you lead a healthy lifestyle
  • Has high antioxidants
  • No gluten
  • Is very low in fat
  • Works amazingly as a digestive
  • You can also mix them with other dry fruits like almonds and walnuts. Also, you can munch on them anywhere as they have great digestive properties. Dehydrated kiwis possess many health benefits that you can’t say no to. Get yourself a packet today!


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