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A perfect mix of sweet and sour to treat your taste buds with a generous dose of vitamins and loads of nutrients. Moreover, they are also great for the skin and contribute to strong immunity.


Why only fruits? Let’s try these delicious dried fruits.

There are numerous reasons why people around the world do not consume fresh fruits, including limited availability, high prices, and their perishable nature. With the change in weather, we’re unable to keep fruits fresh for a long time. If I cut an apple today, there is a limitation for it to finish as soon as possible otherwise it will lose its color and nutrients.

After different viruses hit our immunity like a hurricane, including various nutrient fruits in our diet, is more important than ever.

Here’s the fix, consuming Dehydrated Fruits as part of a balanced diet may be one way to incorporate fruits into your diet.

Did I mention that most of them are also extremely low in calories?


Check out this wide range of dried fruits list and their health benefits to explore your options:


1) The Vitamin C in berries will help in building and restoring your skin’s collagen which keeps the skin firm and plump, although they are not the same as fresh strawberries, they are no less delicious! They’re irresistible because of the explosion of tart and tangy flavor!

2) Mangoes, the king of fruits, are probably a summertime favorite for everyone! Antioxidants and vitamins A, C, and E are abundant. Despite the fact that it comes in dried slices, it is not only a healthy snack, but its sweet flavor also makes it a great healthy alternative for people who have a sweet tooth!

3) Prunes are high in fiber and a good source of vitamins and minerals like potassium, iron, and retinol. Prunes contain beta-carotene and are high in vitamin K.
Whether you’re lazing on the beach, enjoying the breeze in the park, or going on a hike, office, and in between midnight cravings. When hunger strikes, a healthy snack pack is essential to have on hand!

Dehydrated Fruits
Dehydrated Fruits

Dehydrating fruits is a method of preserving them for longer shelf life and added flavor! Dried fruits can be kept for much longer than fresh fruits and make an excellent snack on the go or on long trips where refrigeration is not available. They are also an excellent alternative for those who do not have the financial means to purchase fresh fruit on a regular basis. Dried fruits are generally inexpensive and provide numerous health benefits.

Micronutrient-dense, fiber-rich, and antioxidant-rich dried fruits are packed with nutrients!


Dried Strawberries  –  Candy of the Fruit World

Strawberries are only grown in a few states in India, and in most cases, if they need to travel to another state, they must be picked early so that they don’t overripe or even rot, which means they don’t contain as many nutrients as ideal sun-ripe strawberries. Dried strawberry, on the other hand, are available all year round. A single serving of dried strawberries provides the ideal balance of great taste and healthy goodness. The dehydrated texture is essentially snack-worthy candy. It’s chewy and sweet, and it’s a delicious way to satisfy your hunger.

Dried Strawberry
Dried Strawberry

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