Chai, baarish aur snacks define the raining monsoon that brings along alarmingly pleasant vibes with a confetti of sense delighting weather. With pouring drops from the sky cooling the breeze, the monsoon brings aplenty of nourishment with calm and serene weather. 

Savoring piping hot chai with our best-loved snacks is all the rage today. With most of feasting upon healthier options against the fried alternatives, we bring you some magically delicious monsoon recipes that shall invite health to your plate without having to say goodbye to delicious food! 

With health gaining a priority, most of us are aligning to food loaded with essential nutrients but lacking flavor. Does staying healthy means you have to make friends with ‘pheeka food’? Certainly not! We bring you some mouth-watering recipes that celebrate your palate and health amidst eccentric monsoon! 


Here are the top monsoon snack recipes filled with yummy superfoods online like prunes, berries, dried mangoes, almonds, and our personal favorite – walnuts!


1) Strawberry Splash

Embrace the squishy and juicy strawberries on your breakfast smoothies or cereals sprinkling flavors that sway away your guilt, serving you a bowl of flavorsome snacks!

Prepare your strawberry to splash in a quick, easy way.

a) Add milk, honey, and dried strawberries into a grinder.

b) Add a teaspoonful of condensed milk for thickness. 

c) Grind them well. 

d) Refrigerate your strawberry splash till cold. 

e) Sprinkle with superfoods online like pumpkin seeds or dried strawberries. 

f) Savor chilled! 


2) Mango Moose

Relish the juiciest fruit of the year, bright and sweet, preparing a mouth-amusing mango moose in quick, simple steps. 

a) Grind well – 1 cup of dried mango treats, sugar, and half a cup of water to form mango puree.

b) Take 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream in a chilled bowl (the bowl kept in the freezer) and beat the cream using an electric beater or using a hand beater.

c) Add mango puree to a bowl of whipped cream.

d) Creamy mango moose cream is ready.

e) Garnish your delectable dessert with cut mango pulps or dried mango treats.


3) Naughty NutBerry Smoothie

Savor the wholesome naughty berry juice that comes as a great fix for antioxidants, and essential nutrients carrying along –  a taste that melts your heart with every sip.

a) Add almonds, dried cranberries, dried prunes, and milk into a grinder. Add honey or maple syrup, 4 walnuts, and 6 almonds. Grind well. 

b) Refrigerate your smoothie to serve cold.

c) Top your naughty nutberry juice with dried berries, sunflower seeds, and sliced pistachios. 

d) Enjoy! 


4) Fruity Blast

Slurp richness of fruits that comes loaded with delicious flavors to make your monsoon vibrant and mesmerizing. 

a) Add dried fruitalicious mix, milk, 6 almonds, honey, or maple syrup into a jar.

b) Add a teaspoon of condensed milk for thickness.

c) Grind them all and refrigerate for 20 mins. 

d) Add ice cubes and serve chilled! 


Come monsoon, and here are our crazy delicious treats ready to smother your snack cravings in the healthiest way! Who said going wholesome can’t be awesome? Our expansive range of superfoods online offerings, such as Dried Cranberries, Fruitalicous Mix, Walnuts, Almonds, Dried Mangoes, and more, swear by taste to make your meals happily healthy.


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